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Your one stop solution to dry skin


Dry skin can be genetic, however, it is becoming increasingly more bought on by environmental stresses, such as pollution and free radicals. This compromises the skin’s barrier, which allows water to escape, causing dryness and a loss of the skin’s natural glow. 

Fortunately, Dermalogica has released a new product: the  Melting Moisture Masque – an extremely moisturising mask that helps to restore dry skin by transforming balm into oil. 

This may sound like any moisturiser to you, and so this is when I should tell you what makes the Melting Moisture Masque so unique. Many moisturising products are solid at room temperature, however, for better absorption of their actives into the skin’s surface layers, they should melt. This is exactly what the Melting Moisture Masque does; it’s MeltingPoint Complex allows the product to be activated by the skin’s natural heat, generating a satisfying melting sensation as the masque penetrates the skin’s surface layers to deeply nourish and hydrate. The MeltingPoint Complex also provides a vitamin-rich, buttery texture to the masque which transforms from balm to oil upon contact with the skin.
The heart of the Dermlaogica Melting Moisture Masque’ uniqueness also lies in its ingredients. Plankton Extracts allows the skin to be soothed and guarded against the drying effects of pollution, whilst Linoleic acid nourishes and Vitamin E helps to protect against the skin-damaging free radicals surrounding us on a daily basis.
The masque is so deeply hydrating that only a pea-sized amount of product is required, and the effects are so long-lasting that it is recommended to use the Melting Moisture Masque only once or twice a week.
The final result? Smooth, intensely hydrated and glowing skin. When I want to achieve the ultimate summer glow, I like to pair this product with the Dermalogica Vitamin C Serum. Warning: if you do try this combination of products, you will immediately go to skincare care heaven. Use at your own peril…

How to use Melting Moisture Masque 

ApplyDispense and apply a pea-sized amount onto clean skin. Press and hold the applicator and release once the ideal amount of product has dispensed. 

Massage: Spread and lightly massage evenly into the skin focusing on areas of intense dryness.

MeltAllow the masque to melt into the skin to help restore and protect skin’s lipid barrier.  


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  1. Jennifer 24th February 2022

    This sounds great!!

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