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Simple Summer Skincare Routine


 Don’t get me wrong, 15 step skincare regimes are great, but when its 30 degrees outside and an ice-cold drink is patiently waiting outside for you, the last last thing you want is to be spending half an hour by a sink. You want something that’s quick, effortless and protective, whilst giving you the radiance mistakable of that of the gods of glowing skin themselves. Luckily, I have just the skincare routine for you. 

1. PreCleanse

2. Vitamin C Serum/ Melting Moisture Masque (whether you simply want to treat dry skin, or add the glow of the century, both of these will have your back!)

(optional) Skinperfect Primer (with spf 30)

3. Invisible Physical defence (SPF 30)

4. Protection Sun Sport spf 50

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  1. Jennifer 24th February 2022

    I really want to try a lot of these products. I only have a sample of the scrub but I love it!

    Curated By Jennifer


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