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The Sustainable Marketplace You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner


In an age where we’re becoming increasingly conscious of environmental issues, there are surprisingly (or, perhaps, not so surprisingly) very few retailers who actually acknowledge and respond to our urge to be kinder to the planet. This may leave you asking yourself, ‘Is it possible to shop sustainably? Is Amazon really my only option?’.

Well…fret no more. Answering your sustainability prayers, meet Veo: the earth-friendly market place. Veo ticks all the boxes for ethics and sustainability; it is the destination for consumers who care about product origins and materials, or who simply wish to support unique and independent brands whose core values align with theirs.

With Veo, there’s no need to waste time, money (or greenhouse emissions) by using multiple websites to find what you need; it’s a one-stop sustainability shop. Get anything from clothing, food, drink, skincare, makeup, and homeware all carefully curated in one place for a stress-free shopping experience. For today’s blog post, Veo gifted me a box with some hand-picked products to try out from their ‘home and lifestyle’ range. So, without further ado, let’s take a look!
It only makes sense to begin with the first thought I had upon seeing and touching this bag: the quality. Let’s just say…you can tell that Veo aren’t lying when they say that this bag is made from vegan, natural 100% organic cotton. This market bag is the perfect plastic-free and reusable alternative to disposable plastic shopping bags; the straps are just the right length that the bag sits comfortably over your shoulder and the netted material flexible enough that you can fit a surprising amount inside. Perfect – as Veo put it – for an ‘impromptu trip to the farmers’ market’.

AKA: self-care that fits in your pocket! These tin-travel candles are conveniently designed so that you can easily travel with them, allowing their calming aroma to leave you feeling tranquil wherever you are. It goes without saying that it’s also sustainability approved: 100% natural plant wax (rapeseed and soy bean, from renewable sources), cotton wicks and recyclable packaging. 

I don’t know about you, but, even now, I still get excited when I’m in possession of hand sanitiser (which probably has something do with the fact that – alongside toilet roll – it was virtually gold dust throughout the first half of the pandemic). However, this hand sanitiser, being vegan, cruelty free and 100% recyclable, is a step up from your average supermarket stuff. It’s non-sticky, non-drying and doesn’t leave behind any residue – the fact it also happens to be biodegradable, sustainable and plant-based is just an added bonus!
This mini cleaning kit contains a selection of multi purpose surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner and toilet cleaners. The packaging is completely plastic free – you can either recycle it or add it to your home compost. What’s more? Everything at Mix Clean Green is vegan, non-toxic (and contains no parabens, chemical preservatives, SLS, chemical biocides or palm), water-free and has a low-carbon foot print.
Like the sound of Veo? Well, the first 10 of you to use the code ‘LILYLOVES10’ will be able to receive £10 off your order with them. Happy (sustainable) shopping!


  1. Joe 24th February 2022

    Thanks Lily, this is great! Really glad you like your box- "one-stop sustainability shop" I love that 🙂

  2. Joe 24th February 2022

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  3. Jennifer 24th February 2022

    I'll have to check it out! I know quite a few sites like this but not veo!

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