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Ditching cow’s milk in 2022? Here are your alternatives

Cow’s milk is renowned for being the most popular and accessible kind of milk. Unfortunately, it is almost equally as famous for being the milk with the highest environmental impact. Cow’s Milk requires nine times as much land and produces 3 times as much carbon emissions to produce as any non-dairy alternative. Besides the environmental impact, many people protest against cow’s milk for health reasons, believing that a mother’s cow milk and the hormones in it are designed specifically for her calves and are not meant to enter the human body. If cow’s milk is something that you’re looking to ditch, or simply have less of, in 2022, here are your alternatives:


Almond milk: probably one of the most common nut milk. A slight marzipan flavour but mainly neutral. Versatile.

Oat milk: my favourite milk alternative. A sweetish taste. Great for cooking and baking. Perfect in porridge.



Coconut milk: creamy and thick. Nutty, exotic flavour.



Hazelnut milk: nutty flavour, perfect in a mug of hot chocolate. Harder to find.



Soy milk: Nutty in taste. Suited to savoury dishes.



Rice Milk: Very sweet. Gluten-free.



Spelt milk: an intense cereal flavour. Fits well with breakfast dishes, such as muesli or porridge. Contains gluten. Hard to find.



Hemp milk: made from peeled hemp seeds. A 500ml serving contains the daily recommended dietary requirement of omega-3 fatty acids. Hard to find.


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